What Questions You Must Ask To Find The Best Root Canal Dentist Toronto

December 1, 2018

A root canal is one of the critical surgical treatments performed by a dentist. Before considering this treatment for your case, there are a few fundamental questions that you need to ask.

What is the origin of the pain?

For the proper diagnosis of the problem, the first and foremost step is to look at the origin of the pain. It can be dentin hypersensitivity, occlusal trauma or related to sinus. Endodontic treatment is only performed if the origin is endodontic in nature. Such kind of pain should fulfill the major criteria for the pain of apical, pulpal or origin.

Is the tooth worth saving?

Toronto is one of the places known for root canal treatment. After having diagnosed the issue, Doctors at the best root canal dentist Toronto check about the severity of the issue. Based on the present oral condition, they find out how necessary it is to remove the tooth. They check to find out could the tooth be soundly or predictably restored? Is there enough tooth structure to restore? Is the tooth significantly fractured?

What will be the long-term projection of the tooth?

After having found that the tooth shows signs of endo­dontic origin and can be saved, it is important to check about the future prognosis for the tooth. You should also ask about the perio­dontal and restorative prognosis.


Before starting root canal treatment, it is important to stop for a while and review diagnostic procedure. Analyzing the treatment, its procedure, recovery, and consequences will prepare you in advance to get the best results.

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