Contact your Worker Compensation Lawyer Only when your Injury is Work Related

November 30, 2018

Worker’s compensation insurance helps employees to get wage replacement or medical benefits if they face any kind of injury during their work. This helps them save their family’s life during any hardship. Also, if any employee dies while working within the company premises, then the family gets benefits and reimbursement from the employer.

This is the best way of avoiding any discrepancies among employer and employee. Also, it protects a company from getting sued. However, not every time a lawyer is required for compensation.

Here are some of the situations where a lawyer can be avoided –

Your injury is minor at a workplace that doesn’t require long leave.

When your employer agrees that the accident occurred in the workplace and is ready to take responsibility.

There isn’t any injury that is permanent which can become a hindrance in your job.

Orange County in Los Angeles, California is the sixth densely populated city in the US. There are more than 500 fortune companies that provide employment to millions of people. There are also companies where hard physical labor is required which might sometimes lead to accidents and injuries. In such case, Orange County workers comp attorney saves employees from any kind of financial trouble in future because of an employer.

As discussed above, not all reasons are valid to hire a worker compensation lawyer. Hence, let me tell you when the right moment to get a lawyer is –

If the insurance firm denies to settle your medical claims and don’t provide you with any benefits.

When your employer tries to make changes in your compensation benefits.

When you’re facing trouble in getting treated for your injury because your employer denies providing benefits.

You get permanently disabled but are being refused to any settlement.

When there is a worker’s compensation hearing and you require a lawyer to defend yourself.

These few reasons are enough for you to seek the help of a lawyer. Don’t waste time if you’re falling in any one of the criteria, but look for an attorney now.

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