Factors to Determine the Quality of Neodymium Magnets

January 7, 2019

The neodymium magnets are widely popular and used in the market due to their large magnetic force, high-cost performance, and small size.

Now, the question is how to judge the quality of these magnets and what aspects do you need to know.

In this article, you will learn about these aspects and the two important features of neodymium magnets.

One of the first perspectives of Neodymium magnet is its performance. The performance of these magnets ranging from N35 – N52, the specification is same with the magnitude of the magnetic force being different due to corresponding gear.

The performance of the magnet depends on its number; a higher number indicates higher performance, better magnetic force and more expensive in comparison to fewer numbers.

There are no particular criteria to judge the quality of neodymium magnets based on its performance alone. Therefore, it is basically assumed that the higher performance is an indication of better quality.

The neo magnets are more popular in the industrial market, the demand is increasing, and along with it, the bidding is also increasing.

The appearance of the neodymium magnet is a way to discriminate the product. It mainly depends on the quality of electroplating being used and whether the cracks and gaps can cause rust or if it can pass the salt spray test, etc.

There are many neodymium magnet manufacturers who will reduce the cost by using inferior quality raw materials, so go for the one which is original, the cost is a secondary factor.

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