Top Reasons Why Episode Game is the World’s Biggest Interactive Fiction Platform?

December 30, 2018

The episode game is gaining popularity in the gaming market. The name is quite popular due to its marketing campaign and its consistency presence on various app stores such as Google play store, Amazon app store, and iOS.

The app is kind of Wattpad meets choose your own adventure; it includes a panoply of episodes that you need to choose from.

The whole drama is portrayed with the help of animated characters, and the episode hack game mainly targets the teenage girls. The game has achieved a huge success in establishing a female user base.

The platform has offered women a stage to play through animated interactive stories and also create their own stories with simple, intuitive tools. The game is being played by more than 2.5 million users, and most of the episodes of the game were designed by the app’s registered users of 5.5 million. Check Out If you Are Looking For the best episode hack

The game is gaining success due to its simple features, within a few moments after using the app; players can create a variety of different stories. The stories are typically focused on teen girl’s high school experience or romance. However, there is still place for creating branded stories like pretty little liars and mean girls. This game brings out the imagination of a fertile teenage girl.

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