October 8, 2018

Men’s waistcoat: history, theory and styles

A man’s waistcoat not only heats in cool weather, creating an extra layer of clothes, but he also brings variety to the ensemble. Even if you have a limited amount of clothes, if you have only three suits and three waistcoats, you can create a total of twelve outfits (three without waistcoats, nine with waistcoats).

Suit waistcoats: advice on choosing

Suit waistcoats these days are important and compulsory. In the past, they were usually worn as formal clothes by respectable gentlemen. But those days are far behind. Waistcoats attract attention, but you need to know that there are several basic rules for your waistcoat to suit you. In addition, you need to distinguish between day waistcoats and evening.

A properly selected waistcoat should be long enough in front to cover the waist of a man. Ideally, the shirt should not be visible between the waist and the waistcoat. The waistcoat should always sit tight. When you wear a jacket with a jacket, the V-neck of the waistcoat should be narrow enough so that the lapels of the suit do not hide it completely. Choose a fabric for a waistcoat depending on the season and look for interesting details – fancy buttons, labels that will be combined with a cloth.

When to wear waistcoats

For official events, waistcoats are usually sewn without back. They have lapels, which makes them more formal. Waistcoats are reduced in size, if you want to show a shirt-front. When wearing a three-piece suit, your waistcoat should, as a rule, match your costume and spend most of the time wearing a tie. The open gate, without a tie, looks just weird on a full three-piece suit.

Important characteristics of the waistcoat

If you choose an unpaired waistcoat, there are a couple of points that you should pay attention to:

  • The length of the waistcoat. It is very important to choose the right waistcoat for your trousers. As a rule, a waistcoat should always cover the belt of trousers. Much depends on your height, length of your torso and trousers. In addition, keep in mind that many men do not fasten the bottom button of the waistcoat. If you want to do the same, the waistcoat should be long enough to not see the shirt.
  • Large armholes. Unlike a jacket, on a waistcoat it is undesirable to have narrow armholes, because it does not have sleeves. Large armholes are best for waistcoats, so they will not limit the movement of your hands.

Do not wear the belt. When you wear a waistcoat, do not wear a belt, prefer braces, because the strap will always stick out, which looks far from elegant and makes you fuller. Now find the best quality waistcoat at Shopbrumano-waistcoat.

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